Esiintymistaidon kehittäminen /Thierry Laprevote

Training on presentation skills

Two days seminar:

How to perform in front of people and be successful

Day 1:

How to become more effective on the job or with anything

What are the Factors behind efficiency

Learning what those are can make work more pleasurable and rewarding

What can be learned by observing effective and successful people

What is Responsibility

Many people have a rather unclear and incomplete concept of what it really is

What can be learned by observing responsible/irresponsible people?

Is it possible to predict what people will do or not do?

How to apply the above to gain more control of your work and people around you



What is Control and what are the Factors behind

Good and bad Control and why Control gets sometimes a bad name

How to achieve better focusing and structure by applying the above

How to increase tolerance of Confusion

How to bring more order into things


How to increase your personal power

What is Power and what are the Factors behind it.

Exercise on the above.

How to apply the above at work and when communicating to people

How does this relate to responsibility


Some practical tips on how to handle daily situations at work

How the above information relates to successful Sales.


What is the secret of good pr

What is PR and what are the Factors behind it.

How to become more successful in dealing with people

How to handle people who always want to be “right”


Day 2:

The art of talking in front of people

How much can we experience

What is nervousness and “stage fright” and what to do to overcome these

Exercises on the above

How to use what was learned on first day to holding a successful presentation

What is “presence” and how we can improve it.

Presence comes first and then words

Exercises on the above


How to achieve goals

What is attention.

How to get your audience’s attention

What is intention

What is interest and what are the factors behind it

How to interest your audience.

The Greenhouse analogy

Tips on holding a presentation; do’s and don’ts

What is Body Language as it applies to talking in front of people

Exercise and coaching on controlling the body


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